There is nothing more valuable, more personal, more intimate that you can ask from someone than their attention. At Clemenger BBDO, we’ve been getting people’s attention since 1946. Through ever-shifting media, taste and trends. How? By creating a culture. A culture that is open to the new. One that thrives on ‘next’ but with a deep understanding of the basic human traits that never change. Ours is a culture of collaboration and “what if?” Sacred cows don’t do well here. We listen more than we talk. We are a paradox of size. Clemenger BBDO is a big agency. But we’re also nimble and fast. The soul of a boutique in the body of a behemoth. Combining the talent and resources of a global network with the ability to move at the speed of the world’s changing whims. This potent mixture has resulted in awards. Lots of them. And we’re proud that lots of them are for effectiveness as well as creativity. It’s work that rewards our clients for their trust and partnership, and consumers for their attention. Work that proves our core, driving, unswerving belief that great work works.