Give Us Advertiser Access Facebook

How To Give We Promote Advertiser Access

In order for us to run your advertising campaigns we need to have advertiser’s access to your Facebook page.

This doesn’t give us access to view or edit anything on your page, it only allows us to run ads on your behalf.

How to add We Promote as one of your advertisers:

  • Go into your business/group/celebrity Facebook page
  • Click ‘settings’ in the top right corner (in the white bar, not the grey bar)
  • Click ‘Page roles’ on the left hand side
  • On the page look for ‘assign a new page role’
  • Type in (our page may come up as a suggestion, you can click on this)
  • Click the dropdown box ‘editor’ at the end of where you entered the email and change it to ‘advertiser’
  • Click ‘add’

We should now be able to run ads for you.

If you have any trouble let us know and we can help you out.

We Promote.