Winning Over New Electors After a Redistribution - How To Get Elected After A Redistribution After a redistribution a Member of Parliament could have a significantly changed potential voter profile. If there’s a significant adjustment, 20% or more of the electorate could be made up of “new” voters. If they’re lucky, the “new territory” might introduce more favourable voting patterns, making the pathView Full Post →
How to Add subtitles to a video How To Create Subtitles On A Video Ad - Video is the new big thing but with more than 80% of videos being played with the sound turned off, it’s more important than ever to have subtitles on a video ad. You might not realise it, but YouTube offers a service to add subtitles to videos.  The extra great thing is you can actuallyView Full Post →
Get More Email Subscribers Using Facebook Ads - In an exciting development, you can now get more email subscribers using Facebook ads. “Lead ads” can provide a new and efficient way of signing up people to your list. We all know that adding subscribers to your email list is a high priority task. Email remains the number one way to communicate with aView Full Post →
DSP and DMP What’s the difference between a DSP and a DMP? - Today’s post is a little technical.  We delve into some digital advertising tech talk.  If you’ve ever thought “WTF is a DSP and DMP?”, then trust me you aren’t alone. This little video explains the difference, but if you’d prefer a quick summary, keep reading! In basic terms, a DMP is a Data Management Platform. It’s aView Full Post →