Video is the new big thing but with more than 80{8d3f195ac0c500f240b755626126f93bc710286748bb518fe2534a75fa583c5f} of videos being played with the sound turned off, it’s more important than ever to have subtitles on a video ad.

You might not realise it, but YouTube offers a service to add subtitles to videos.  The extra great thing is you can actually then download those subtitled videos and use them anywhere you want, including as your Facebook ad!

How To Get SRT File

Essentially a type of text file, the SRT is what the text for subtitles go into.

Step 1: Upload a video to YouTube (If it’s already there, view it in video manager)

Step 2: Go to the video’s editing window by selecting edit from the drop down

How to edit a youtube video

Step 3: In the main editing window click subtitles

click subtitles in youtube

OR, click from the drop down menu

choose subtitles in the drop down

Step 4: Select add new subtitles, and choose the language

Step 5: Either copy and paste the transcript (pink arrow in the image below), or type as the video plays – and Youtube will automatically adjust the timings

manage subtitles in youtube

Step 6: Enter the text and click “set timings”

Step 7: Click the “English” button to bring you to the timing page


add new subtitles in youtube

Step 8: Watch the video to ensure the timings are correct and edit them if they’re not by dragging the text across the timeline

Step 9: Click “save changes”

Step 10: Go back into the edit screen by clicking the English button again, then actions, then .srt

making srt file in youtube

Thanks YouTube, Now Share!

Step 11: Download the file

Step 12: Rename it to: “”

Step 13: When uploading the video to facebook ad manager, upload the .srt file

You’re done!  Happy dance time.