“Evolve”​ is a full service digital marketing agency, providing active social solutions for business. Evolve helps business to create the right social strategy to identify, connect and manage leads, conversations and customers via social platforms such as Linkedin and others. We are the market leaders in developing and driving social branding and social marketing strategy for business via the Linkedin platform. Utilising our own “Connect-Engage-Convert”​ (Linkedin) and “Like-List-Sell”​ (Facebook) strategies, we partner with business leaders to create and implement targeted and result-oriented branding and marketing packages designed to get powerful results, put leads into the funnel, deliver information direct to the prospect and much more. We deliver on strategy…you deliver on service or product. We achieve this through a very deliberate and partner-oriented approach to our service, teaching you the skills to be successful socially, or as a ‘done for you’​ service. The choice is yours.