There’s a lot of talk about the need for a new agency model. We broke away and went ahead and built one. Our aim is simple: Create standout, game-changing ideas that solve taxing business problems. Ideas that put you on a different playing field, the people’s choice, above and beyond. Put the magic back in. Organic from the ground up, we’re flexible at the joints. We bend and stretch with every project to allow maximum collaboration, delivering campaigns that integrate powerfully across channels and touchpoints. Giving supporters a richer brand experience they’ll willingly share, one that traditional media alone can’t deliver. It helps that we all live under the one roof. We are brand strategists, advertising creatives, social advocates, digital planners, user experience architects, software engineers, social media gurus, data analysts, content and film producers. Fully integrated and channel neutral, our focus is your work and our method is co-creation. Everyone has a point of view, everyone has a say, and everyone owns the outcome. Khemistry is a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency.